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Recipe Processing of akpu/fufu

Prepare perfect Processing of akpu/fufu Needs 4 Ingredients And 14 Steps

Step by step Processing of akpu/fufu

Processing of akpu/fufu You can cook Processing of akpu/fufu by using 4 ingredients and 14 steps. Here is how you cook Processing of akpu/fufu.

Ingredients of Processing of akpu/fufu

  1. You need to prepare of Cassava.
  2. Prepare of Cutlass.
  3. Prepare of Morta and pestle.
  4. You need to prepare of Pot.

Processing of akpu/fufu directions

  1. Harvest your raw cassava from your farm or buy get from you local markets.
  2. Peel it.
  3. Wash properly to be sparkling white.
  4. Soak with water and leave for about 3 to 4days to ferment.
  5. Then filter it with your sieve to get the cassava paste.when done, allow to settle for sometime.
  6. Then pour out the water in it. You will get your paste πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡.
  7. Pour in a bag and tie the bag properly to avoid spilling. Then place something heavy on it that can make it drain water fast..
  8. Before pounding, mix your cassava with little water like you do your flour.
  9. Mould very big and put in a pot on fire and allow to simmer for about 30s or a minute.
  10. Remove from the pot and pound very well.. Should in case you notice any lumps in it, add little salt to the pot on fire. It will dissolve the lumps when it's finally done.
  11. Now mould it again. But this time it should be very small and make a hole in the mould and put in the pot on fire and allow to cook for about 10 to 15mins.
  12. Bring out and pound.
  13. Pound till it's very smooth..
  14. Your akpu is ready. Enjoy with any soup of your choice. Have any questions where you're confused? Please do in the comment section. Thank you.

Yummy of Processing of akpu/fufu

Many people consume Processing of akpu/fufu as a morning meal or main food.

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